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If you need to order Contact Lenses

If you are not using insurance but know your prescription you can order online! Just click the link above to do it. If you need help with an order we have associates waiting to help you. Please email them buy using the email button or copy it here Please remember that it is extremely different circumstances for the associates and they will respond ASAP!

If your RX is expired we can still help you

We understand if you need an extension! Due to the CDC and State Regulations we can not do your routine exams. In light of this we are ordering contacts for patients who have a current rx but has recently expired. We will also extend glasses prescriptions and send it to you.

If you have a current order

If you had a current contact lens supply order we can help in a few ways. In most cases the product can be shipped to you. Email us by clicking the button at the top of the page or going down to contact us section of this page.

If you have a medical eye problem

Louisville - We have partnered with Dr. Martorana at Falls City Eye Care. Only If you have an urgent medical situation should you contact them at 502-915-7794.

Lexington - Please contact Commonwealth Eye Surgery at 859-224-2655 or UK

Side note

Although your sight is extremely important to us the risk of infection is to great. The CDC and State government have put strict guidelines in place that make it impossible to do routine eye exams. We are working to provide as much assistance as possible to help each and everyone of you in these extreme times. Please be well. We can not wait to open our doors and see you again!

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Why Choose Us

At Dr. Snipes and Associates the optometrist specialize in glasses, contact lens, and medical exams for many issues of the eye. We use state of the art equipment including Clarifye digital examination equipment, Optomap retinal imaging, and Ivue Ocular Coherence Tomography.


How We Can Help You

The optometrist  do more than routine exams! We perform school exams for children 3 and up. We see patients for medical exams for injuries and infections as well as many other medical issues. like Diabetic exams , Glaucoma evaluations, Dry eye evaluations and more!

Optometry Louisville

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The patients journey is extremely important to us. We believe that the patient deserves a personal experience tailored to their specific needs. That belief combined with our optometrists knowledge and technology will exceed expectations. 

Our Services

Dr. Snipes Optometrist Louisville Ky glasses exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Contact Lens Evaluation

Contact Lens Evaluation

The comprehensive eye exam should be preformed every year to ensure the wellness of the eyes.  This exam gives the patient a glasses prescription if needed as well as a comprehensive  health check of the eyes.

Dr. Snipes Optometrist Louisville Ky contact lens exam

Contact Lens Evaluation

Contact Lens Evaluation

Contact Lens Evaluation

 During this annual evaluation the doctor will check and make sure that the health of the eye is good for the continuous wear of contacts as well as the prescription needed.  If the patient has never worn contact lenses a class will be scheduled to teach incertion and removal.

Wellness Screening Optomap eye exam Dr. Snipes Louisville

Wellness Screening

Contact Lens Evaluation

Wellness Screening

The optometrist uses state of the art technology which can screen for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, retinal detachments, retinal holes, retinal tears, ocular melanoma, and other ocular pathology.

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